Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Steve Job's spaceship

Wow--just had a chance to watch the Cupertino city council presentation by Steve Jobs last night. Did he have them eating out of his hands or what? I had a couple of thoughts, obviously this guy really has a vision. And second these city council reps came off as a bunch of sycophants--what's the point of asking for an ipad for every resident of the Cupertino, or an Apple store for Cupertino. Kind of laughable.

But back to the spaceship. It seems like Apple is really on a roll here. It's a battle between the Big Three: Google, Apple and Facebook for new employees. So, this definitely ups the bidding. I wouldn't be surprised if in the basement there's booster rockets and cryogenic pods to blast off into space once this planet turns into a dustbowl (maybe from too many ipads?) a la Silent Running.

And the video

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